-who we Are-

Stephen and Kathy Redding founded Happy Tree Ltd. in 1978 as a tree service company committed to the holistic and professional care of trees. With our emphasis on tree health and care for the environment, we quickly established a reputation for the preservation of large and historic trees. As the scope of tree services we offered continued to expand, it became apparent that we needed to be a voice for the trees as well as advocates for the space they occupy.

As years passed and Happy Tree continued to grow, it became quite apparent the lack of diverse, suitable, and properly grown trees available to the industry. In 1986, we began our own in-ground nursery focusing primarily on trees and giving them an all-organic start into a long and prosperous life. Many years later our nursery has grown to now encompass 15 acres and houses numerous species of trees and shrubs.

While the nursery took shape and the demand of our ‘Happy’ trees continued to grow, the next step was obvious. Through the 1990's the landscape division took shape, bringing multiple facets of Happy Tree together utlilizing our knowledge in not only trees, but shrub and property maintenance. With our expert knowledge and creative mindset, Happy Tree quickly expanded into not only landscape property maintenance, but also into landscape installations of all color, shape, and sizes. The expert advice which started within the tree canopy evolved into the gardens, bringing a natural approach into the homes of many.

Currently, both Stephen & Kathy are very much available and involved with the everyday activities of Happy Tree. Stephen Redding, is the President of Happy Tree Ltd. and a master arborist. Stephen has dedicated his life to being a voice for all trees. His deep love for the trees and his many years of experience in the field allow him to expertly evaluate and recommend solutions for a myriad of problems and conditions that affect this magnificent life form. Kathy Redding, is the Vice-President and co-founder of Happy Tree Ltd. Kathy is the business manager for Happy Tree Ltd. Her “behind the scenes” work coordinates the many facets of the business end of running a busy tree and landscaping service. Over the 35+ years of Happy Tree, the business has worn various hats. The stability of management, work ethic, reputation, and moral direction has kept the business a step-above and in an ever-evolving field.

-Our Staff-


Trevor Redding, is the Landscape Manager for Happy Tree Ltd. Trevor works with our clients and crews to fulfill schedule obligations and oversee jobs. Trevor holds certifications for both hardscape and landscape installations. He is committed to always performing a step above the industry standard to achieve exceptional results for our clients. He is accomplished in all types of stonework, including natural stone and pre-formed concrete, tree and plant placement, fence and drainage system installations, and water feature installations.


Sandy Miller, is Happy Tree Ltd.’s Registered Landscape Architect. With over 30 years of landscape experience, he is dedicated to designing fully-functioning, sustainable landscapes that our clients can enjoy for many years to come. Sandy has the unique ability to work with our clients to bring their vision to life.


Shetlinn Redding, is the Facilities Manager and the Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Specialist for Happy Tree Ltd. He is a certified CAST lighting installer with many years of electrical experience. Shetlinn also leads our irrigation division, designing and installing irrigation systems for lawns, gardens and individual plantings.


Orrian Redding, is Happy Tree Ltd.’s Head Tree Climber. Orrian is experienced in all facets of the tree trade, and he is an active participant in continuing education opportunities afforded by the industry’s trade organizations, such as TCIA and ISA. Orrian is a highly skilled professional tree climber who keeps safety as his number one priority while delivering exceptional service to our clients’ trees.


Linda Force, is the Receptionist and Field Office Manager for Happy Tree Ltd. Linda is often the first contact for our clients, answering their calls and responding to their emails. She brings a cheerful element of organization and commitment to our office while giving our clients a level of comfort and commitment to customer service starting with the first call.

Adam Moore
Tree Crew Foreman


Ryan Porter
Landscaping Crew Foreman

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