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Stone Work

  • Stone work of many different forms and functions is a specialty at Happy Tree.  Many different varieties of naturally occurring stone are incorporated in our retaining walls, garden paths, planters, and bed edges.Sandstone, blue stone, and quartzite are some of the often-utilized stone.
  • Happy Tree also uses the E.P. Henry line of preformed concrete products for those who desire a contemporary look with uniformity and tight fit.
  • Our signature stone walls incorporate boulders as focal and structural components of natural stone lay.  Boulders are also used as singular features in many landscape applications. 


Tree & Plant Installation

Happy Tree offers true in-ground choices of plant material and trees.  Specimen plant material is naturally grown and is available for on-site, nursery inspection.  Extra care is given to root pruning during our tree development to insure minimal stress from transplanting from our nursery to your home.


Natural Landscaping

Natural landscaping utilizes a variety of naturally occurring plants, stone, boulders, and wood accent pieces to achieve a pleasing and indigenous texture.


Custom Landscape Lighting

Creative illumination designs are custom tailored to your property with a goal of creating a one-of-a-kind paradise to relax in and admire. Our award winning designs include copper, brass and stainless steel fixtures

Water Features

Water features are offered to provide a satisfying presence of aquascape from small pools to moving streams, reflection pools, and even spring

fed ponds.  Decay resistant woods such as bald cypress and native boulders are a prominent feature of our water garden creations. 


We install drip systems that minimize water usage but maximize the moisture needs of trees and plants.  We also do general lawn irrigation.



Happy Tree carries a number of products for your landscaping and gardening needs. Call us for delivery or to pick up your supplies. 



  • we carry hardwood bark mulch
  • we can create custom formulations that contain 30% to 50% organic compost 


  • our garden mix soil is rich with humus and organic matter
  • we carry top quality sifted topsoil
  • we have clean fill available

Wood Chips

  • standard shredded chips for weed barrier or ground cover applications
  • decorative chips for around swing sets or other landscape accents


  • many sizes, colors, types of stone


  • all top quality aged hardwood

Black Gold Soil Amendment

What is missing in our average soil are hundreds, if not thousands, of living microscopic organisms generally referred to as micro-rhizae.  Without these living organisms, and the macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, the tree cannot eat or drink effectively.  Mycrorhizal fungi can’t thrive and affect tree roots without a healthy environment. What is really needed is a root zone soil that approximates wood-earth in place of the essentially dead soil surrounding many of our trees.  Black Gold is 100% organic compost.  Applications of Black Gold create a fertile soil teeming with the living organisms vital to the health of our trees.


Watering Instructions for Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs

Following a consistent watering schedule is vital to the health and survival of your newly planted trees and shrubs.  Ideally, watering should be done in the early morning hours (6:00 AM to 9:00 AM) or in the early evening hours (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM).  Water should be applied at a show trickle to the soil in the root zone of the tree or shrub, and efforts should be made to avoid watering the foliage (except in the case of annual or perennial flowers, where watering with a sprinkler or watering can is OK).

Small plants, such as annual or perennial flowers should be watered every day until the ground is thoroughly wet for the first two to three weeks while they begin to establish their new root systems.  After the first two to three weeks watering frequency can be adjusted to once every two to three days until early Fall (mid-September to the end of October), when watering frequency can be further reduced to twice weekly.

In the case of larger shrubs and trees, watering should be done every other day in the following amounts:

  • For shrubbery 1’ in height or diameter, one gallon per watering.
  • For shrubbery 3’ in height or diameter, three gallons per watering.
  • For trees 2” in diameter and/or 6’ in height, and shrubbery over 3’ in height or diameter, five gallons per watering.
  •  For trees greater than 2” in diameter and between 6’ & 20’ tall, 10 gallons per watering.
  • For trees larger in caliber and/or over 20’ tall, 20 gallons per watering.

As with the smaller flowering plants, watering of shrubs and trees may be   reduced in early Fall to twice weekly, as long as the weather is not too unseasonably hot and dry.  During times of excessive rainfall (1” or greater), watering frequency should be appropriately adjusted.

These are general watering instructions.  Please call Happy Tree Ltd. at (215) 257-7650 with questions about your specific watering needs.  Thank You!

©2008-2016 Poole Consulting Group. All Rights Reserved.