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Stephen and Kathy Redding founded happy Tree in 1978 as a tree service company committed to the holistic and professional care of trees.  With our emphasis on tree health, care for the environment, and proper pruning techniques, we also established a reputation for specializing in the care of large and historic trees.  As the scope of tree services we offered continued to expand, it became apparent that we needed to be a voice for the trees as well as advocates for the space that they occupy.  

The lack of availability of suitable, diverse, and properly grown trees for planting led Happy Tree to begin its own in-ground nursery.  The nursery now encompasses fifteen acres and houses numerous species of trees and shrubs, all grown to Happy Tree’s stringent standards.  

As the nursery took form and the selection of plants we carried expanded, we also included native plant material from perennials to trees.  As our services continued to develop we began to utilize an organic and more natural presentation.  In keeping with our direction, we incorporate the use of native stone, interesting wooden objects (both found and created), plants, and water features to emphasize the balance between the ornamental and natural themes of our landscapes.  Today we feel confident in our ability to introduce these qualities to your property in satisfying and pleasing ways.  

Our unique vision, combined with our love and respect for the natural elements, allows us to create outdoor living spaces that our clients appreciate as being one-of-a-kind.  We understand that you are making an investment in your Happy Tree project and we want to assure you that your investment could not have been made at a better place.  We have refined our ability to introduce a sanctuary-like space to those who value a private and comfortable retreat at home.  If your property is as small as two hundred square feet, we can introduce birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, and shade into your own secret garden. And if your property is a multi-acre estate, we can refine it to be a masterpiece of creative spaces reflective of your good taste.

Our customer Michael Kane says:

"The best day of the year for me is the day after Happy Tree has been here."

©2008-2016 Poole Consulting Group. All Rights Reserved.