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Happy Tree, Ltd. is a complete tree and landscaping service.  Quality work and integrity in our business dealings are the hallmarks of Happy Tree.  We are members in good standing with the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association, the American Horticultural Society, and the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association.  

We believe strongly in treating others – customers, vendors, employees, homeowners, and the community at large – in the same way in which we, ourselves, like to be treated.  This philosophy has served us well and allows us to enjoy a high standard of goodwill.  

Our services are identified as tree, landscape, and plant health care.   

Tree Services:

  • General Maintenance including removal of deadwood, shaping, and thinning
  • Cabling and Bracing to provide structural support
  • Removals when necessary
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Root Feeding and Soil Rejuvenation

 Landscaping Services:

  • Tree Planting and Landscape Installations
  • We offer an in-ground nursery that can provide our clients with locally grown shrubs and trees.  Our registered landscape architect is available to design and plan installations of plant material and hardscaping.  
  • Bed Maintenance including pruning, feeding, edging and mulching
  • Drip and Lawn Irrigation Systems
  • Hardscape Installations of walkways, patios, decks, ponds and waterfalls  

Plant Health Care:

This service runs on a monitor-then-treat-as-necessary principle.  Properties are visited, and pests and pathogens are identified, then recommended treatment options and cost are discussed.  When application of pesticides is warranted, we utilize systemic injection techniques to minimize the amount and exposure to intervention chemicals whenever possible.  We prefer to be preemptive in our pest control by using non-toxic strategies.  These may include installing pest resistant plant material or feeding and adding organic soil amendments to alleviate stress, which can leave plant material vulnerable to unwanted pests.

Products offered by Happy Tree Ltd.

  • Firewood of the highest quality is offered in limited quantities this season.  Please call the office to place your order.
  • DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent
  • Black Gold Organic Compost – analyzed by Penn State 
  • Screened Organic Topsoil – analyzed by Penn State
  • Nursery Stock – in ground locally grown nursery stock is available.  Call the office to make an appointment to visit the nursery.

Who Are We at Happy Tree?

We take pride in employing educated, dedicated, highly skilled designers, craftsmen, horticulturists, and staff.

Stephen Redding is the president of Happy Tree.  An arborist with many years of experience, he evaluates and problem solves the needs of our clients’ trees.

Kathy Redding is the vice president and office manager of Happy Tree.  She manages accounts and marketing for the company and is our personnel director.  

Linda Force has joined us in the highly valued position of receptionist and scheduling coordinator.

Sandy Miller is a registered landscape architect with many years of experience in all aspects of landscape design.

Adam Moore provides constant oversight and professional assistance to our tree climbers.

Orrian Redding is our climber who goes beyond going out on a limb to do what’s necessary for our clients’ large trees.  

Shetlinn Redding is our landscape features expert specializing in landscape lighting installation and design and installation of irrigation systems and water features.  

Trevor Redding is accomplished in all types of stone and fence work and he is certified in paver applications.  He also works as the landscape crew foreman.

Kevin Spencer is our Licensed Pesticide Applicator and Plant Healthcare Specialist.

©2008-2016 Poole Consulting Group. All Rights Reserved.